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                                 Item Title (Price includes Sales Tax) Price
Amelia County, Virginia Wills 1735-1761:  Bonds 1735-1754 (Will Book I) 21.00
Cemetery Records of Amelia County, Virginia 10.50
Historical Notes on Amelia County, Virginia, edited by Kathleen H. Hadfield 26.25
Cemetery Records and Historical Notes (bundle) 31.60
Old Homes and Buildings of Amelia County, Virginia : Vol I by Mary Armstrong Jefferson 34.25
Old Homes and Buildings of Amelia County, Virginia:  Vol II  by Gibson Jefferson 
Two Centuries of Virginia Cooking by Gibson J. McConnaughey 34.25
From the Mountains They Came:  The Story of Little Patrick by Ruby Faries Arrington 29.50
1820 Wood Map of Amelia 10.50
1920 de Kraft Map 13.15
Booker Map of Amelia (circa 1865)   6.30 
Gilmer Maps of Amelia, Nottoway, and Prince Edward Counties (each) 21.00
Original Land Patent Maps (with index) by Dr. Robert Brumfield  
Amelia County 13.70
Nottoway County (Amelia County/Nottoway Parrish) 13.70
Prince Edward County (Amelia County/ St. Patrick's Parrish) 13.70
Postage and handling on the above publications and maps is $4.50.  
(please include email address on order form so we can keep you posted about your order)  
History of Namozine Church (reprinted)    5.25
History of Paineville Area of Amelia County        10.50
Thirty-six Hours Before Appomattox by Christopher M. Calkins    8.40
From Petersburg to Appomattox by Christopher M. Calkins    6.30
Spring Campaign of 1864    6.30
The Appomattox Campaign by Chris M. Calkins  21.00
Old Homes of Amelia with Map  (Sketched by Dot Burnette)                      Small Color  10.50
Old Homes of Amelia--Map Sketched by Dot Burnette (untinted)    small $5.25   medium $8.40  
Genealogy Charts:   
          Family Tree                 $10.50  

Standard:  Lg  $5.25   Sm. $3.15

Postage and handling on the above publications is $3.00 per item ordered.  

*To order, call (804) 561-3180 or email .  Make check payable to Amelia County Historical Society. Please include your email addrs. on the order form to enable our office to confirm your order. 

You may also print out and mail in your order form with your check: see below




P.O. BOX 113, 16501 Church St.

Amelia Court House, VA 23002


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Make check payable to:  Amelia County Historical Society

Mailing Address:   P.O. Box 113

                                 Amelia Court House, VA  23002






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